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My federal state is located in the centre  part of Germany and we live in the south west part, close the Free state "Thuringia".

Capital city :Magdeburg.

Highest/Peak"Brocken"1141m NMM in the Harz Mountain.

Rivers: Elbe, Saale, Unstrut.  


History in my area






Emperor Friedrich I  better known as Barbarossa-   the red barded. On 4 March 1152, the 30-year-old Swabian Duke Frederick, who was in Italy because of his red beard, nicknamed "Barbarossa" (Redbeard), first elected in Frankfurt and already crowned king in Aachen five days later the emperor. Barbarossa succeeded his uncle Conrad III. to. The main concern of the young Barbarossa was to give the new imperial splendor and enforce the imperial authority in Italy. With the power of the sword, he tried the northern Italian cities, who refused to obey him, to heel.

The Kyffhaeuser monument (1896)  is the thirt-largest monument in Germany.  81m high.




Geiseltal Lake


Geiseltal lake: It was a long time(300 years) open coal mining industry area. The flow of the  hostage valley lake began in the year 2003. This lake will become 2010 with a total surface of 18,4km² and a bank length of 41 km the largest lake in Saxony-Anhalt and the lagest artifical lake in Germany.



NEW Wine area


Wine: From the mining industry to the viticulture - a bold project in the brown coal district hostage valley (with Merseburg), which belonged to the most important mining districts of Germany. Lars Reifert is with its enterprise a visionary with abilities of getting through. For the cultivation of wine in the former open mining it had to fight indeed. And it was worthwhile itself: Wines of incomparable ease and sensuality confirm the prognoses of the winegrower from Freyburg. The singular vineyard is directly because of the Jacobsweg, (pilgrim way from Poland to Spain) and at to sizes the artificial lake of Germany - the hostage valley lake (18,4 km ² water surface). The vineyard ranks 2006 with the viticulture promotion price among the highest form of the recultivation in the open mining happening and by BASF was rewarded. After 300 years coal dismantling carries now completely different industry their fruits.


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Pilgrims way

"Pilgrim hut" The pilgrim hut of the Jacobs way is above our vineyard at the hostage valley lake. The Jacobs way is recognizable by a yellow shell on blue underground and runs in east-west direction by the city Merseburg. It leads from Poland over Goerlitz after Erfurt and far on the ways of the old salt dealers of the early Middle Ages to the far goal Santiago de Compostella in the north of Spain. Ramblers can the individual routes open and from lodging led to lodging, from the local church municipalities, the way to Spain take up. A special pilgrim document of identification justified for the use of these simple accommodations and is at the same time certification for the put back stages.


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